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Welcome to American Call Solutions

America's First Multi-Channel Customer Service & Patient Support Contact Center

Attention to Detail

We understand that attention to detail is important to aid in the prevention of mistakes, redundancy and loss of time. Our agents are trained to troubleshoot and document everything according to your liking.

Efficient Communication

Positive communication with your team, customers, or patients is extremely important. It is imperative that they understand and are understood. All of the Support Agents at American Call Solutions are america based with american accents to aid in the increase of positive results in communication.

Training Programs

We pride ourselves on the level of training our agents receive. Our training program consists of Customer Support, telephone, chat and email etiquette, operating in a multi-channel environment, industry education, and extensive applications training.

24/7 Customer Support

We offer 24 hour support to your team, customers or patients. That means we answer your calls, emails and chats 24 hours a day. Delivering the same quality support 24/7, including holidays!