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We Provide Online & Offline Support


• Dedicated 24/7 Support

• Time Savings With Our Agents

• Cost Your Containment

• Best Quality, Service, and Price

• High-Quality Hardware and Software

• Risk Reduction and Cost Minimization

Contact Center Channels

You can choose one channel, two or all three for complete support services.

Telephone Support

We are available to answer your inbound calls 24 hours a day. Who says you can't book appointments or get orders processed after hours, with ACS you can! With our discretion policy, and at your request, your customers will never know we are not "the office." 

Chat Support

Directly from your website to our Agents! Your customers will receive the best in support, hands down! No long wait times, or "absent" agents. We are available 24 hrs/day to assist with product inquiries, take orders, schedule service calls, you name it!

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Email Support

Are your email boxes being inundated with a ton of support, inquiry, and sales emails, and you need help handling it all? Look no further!! ACS is equipped to handle all of that, and much more! Get the appearance of a larger company, provide "above the rest" Customer Service & Support, obtain new customers and keep the existing one's returning!

Social Media Support

Your customers or patients can have direct contact with "your office" (our support team), right through your social media platform....Coming Soon... 

Other Services We Provide

We service most industries, and have many services to choose from. 

Listed below are our services with key bullets as to what issues they may resolve for your team.

Medical Answering Services

We take Patient Support seriously. So much so, that we guarantee our level of service. 

  • Our caring Agents will answer your office calls during or after business hours, or both. 
  • We ensure that every patient is treated kindly, discreetly and with compassion. 
  • We are HIPAA Compliant!

Dental Answering Services

Our staff understands how busy your Dental office can get. 

  • Allow us to handle your inbound communication traffic.
  • This will free up time for your team to tend to patients, and other pertinent tasks, 
  • thus saving you time and money!

Service Industry Dispatch

We are knowledgeable and experienced in answering for many industries from Plumbers and Electricians to General Contractors and Power Companies, and almost everyone in between!

  • We educate our Support Agents in many industry terminologies.
  • This gives you an edge over your competition.
  • We are available 24/7 to meet your dispatching needs.

Appointment Scheduler &


  • Need help setting appointments? 
  • Bombarded with calls and handling in person communications as at the same time?
  • Do you want to confirm patient appointments?

Order Processing

  • Our team will process your customer orders. We will answer pertinent inquiries. 
  • We can escalate issues that require additional support.

*some restrictions apply. Please call for details.

Schedule Reservations

Need an inexpensive, yet professional way to handle your customer registrations?

We can set up:

  • Events
  • Classes
  • Information sessions
  • Motel
  • Restaurant reservations and more

Wake Up! Service

Do you or staff need a wake up call to get ya moving? Day or night, we provide reliable Wake Up services!

Payment Processing

We can provide your customers with payment processing of online orders, or orders taken by our staff.

Outbound Customer Follow Up

Do you need to valuable feedback on how your on-boarding, marketing or other project went? Let ACS obtain those important answers for you.

Outbound Light Pitch Campaigning

Do you need to run an outbound campaign with limited selling? You provide the pitch, we make the calls on your behalf. Call Today!

Class Registration

If your agency or school needs a team to schedule your class registrations, we can help. You provide us with the info needed to give to applicants and we take it from there.

Level 1 Troubleshooting

Our Customer Support Agents are trained to process your level 1 troubleshooting calls, all while providing World Class Customer Service & Support.

Level 1 Tech Support

We are trained to handle your level 1 tech support calls or chats. Don't let your customer wait until business hours for emergencies!

Toll Free & Local Numbers

We provide toll-free and local phone numbers at a discounted rate. 

Add-On Services

Best Quality Service & Pricing

We take Customer Service & Patient Support seriously. So much so, that we guarantee our level of service. 

Time Savings

Allowing us to handle your inbound communication traffic, frees up time for your team to tend to other pertinent tasks, thus saving you time and money.

Cost Your Containment

Eliminate the cost of additional payroll, hiring on an expensive Answering Service that charges by the minute, or paying for all of these services through separate vendors. ACS can save you thousands of dollars per year!

Dedicated 24/7 Support

Do you need after hours support? No problem! We are here to provide the same level of support 24 hours a day.

High-Quality Support

We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide. We strive, with every communication, to give 1000%, and nothing less.

Risk Reduction

Our database is backed up on redundant servers, and we have maintained a 99% up time rate thus providing you with a more dependable system.

Frequently Asked Questions